North X Ride - The True All Terrain Kiteboard

Published: 12th January 2010
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North Kiteboarding is one of the top manufacturers of the best quality boards, harnesses, kites, bars and board accessories. Yes, you could consider some other kite boards from this company as well, they are quite good, but in many ways, it is the North X Ride that stands out. Some other kite boards from this company are Skimfish, Jaime, RaceLTD, Soleil, FreestyleFish, Gonzales, WAM, Phantom and the Kontact.

If you are looking for a really lightweight kiteboard, than the North X Ride 2010 is what you should go for. If you have already tried some other boards, you will immediately notice just how lightweight it really is. Even if you are slightly on the bulkier side, it can easily handle those extra pounds. And it can help you glide through the water and the wind, and perform all those tricks. While you make those jumps, the board below you feels crisp, and the lightweight nature of the North X Ride 2010 helps you jump early too.

The design of the North X Ride is quite unique. This board is ideal for rough conditions due to its completely concave bottom, soft flex, rounded rails, and those unique carving fins. Thus, what you get is enhanced controls and better comfort and performance.

This is the board you need when you want to ride easily through the chop - all thanks to the great absorption provided by the soft flex. So if you want something easy on your knees or a gentle cruiser, than you are sure to appreciate this board, particularly when you are trying to ride over choppy conditions. The grip is further enhanced by the newly designed carving fins.

Because of the unique design and manufacturing of the North X Ride 2010, you can carry out those big jumps, make those quick and high speed turns, and achieve performance on the waves that you thought only the professionals could, when they used a twin tip. When you are using this kite, you need not concentrate on controlling it, and so, you will be able to put all your attention into performing the tricks. The fact is, with the right kitesurfing equipment, which must include a good kite and board, and of course with some skills, you will be able to achieve great results.

It is just the board you need for blasting off, wave smacking or throwing down the relay. And this kitesurf board looks attractive as well because of the glossy finish.

You should of course try the North X Ride, if you want to concentrate on your performance and not simply on controlling your board.

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